Friday, February 25, 2005

Why Amazons could never have existed.

One of the myths that feminazis like to go on about is the Amazons. Supposed one breasted women who rode around on horses killing all them men and having lesbian one breast sex.

Riiiiight. A bunch of women living together and getting along? NEVER!! The levels of gossip and jealousy are highest among women. Women only exist to be better dressed than other women so as to get attention from men so as to propagate the race. They serve no other useful function so over time men have let them do certain tasks around the house in order to make them think they are needed and we wouldn't be able to nuke a tv dinner without them. They like to feel powerful women do, and don't care why really. It's not power they want, it's the illusion that they make a difference in this world.

So the Amazon thing is like a Godsend to them. PRAISE ARTEMIS!!! Let's all dance around a wooden pole and worship it!! Yeah, a great big wooden pole, straight and tall and oh so hard and nice to kiss and warm with our breath! SICK! Even if they did exist they worshipped a PENIS!!!


But seriously on to the scieintific reasons Amazons can not have existed. Women do this thing when they are in groups. They shift around in their cycles until they are all menstrating at the same time. Which means pmsing at the same time. With no men around to run and get them chocolate or to tell them they don't look fat, a race of warrior women would have killed itself off by the end of the first month of the experiment.

I mean, like none of these broads liked the bone? They had no sex drives? I don't know about you guys, but if I don't give it to the old lady at least once a day, she gets all climbing the walls and stuff. She likes the bone alright, she neesds a man to satisfy her BIOLOGICAL need to a nice hard penis to be inserted into her vagina once she becomes horny.

She won't stop till she gets it either, and oh she gets it!

So let's see if any big balls women think they can tell me how in the world a bunch of women could live with no men, since none of you seem to be able to live without us now, even when you aren't on your rags. Much less take the smallest of us in a fight!! LOL!

This argument is also why there will NEVER be a broad in the Oval Office.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Jesus IS God!

I am so freaking sick of self-proclaimed "Christian" blasphemers spouting off that Jesus is NOT God. Who the Hell do they think they are? I mean, I don't care if they want to go off and have some strange sect like Mormons or JW's, but these people are like, I dunno, floater Christians who are all like Jesus was a good man, a prophet some even think he was the "literal" (sick) son of God. But they are all like, I follow what Jesus said, even though I don't believe He was God.

Well FINE but DO NOT call yourself CHRISTIAN! Call yourself hippies, or new age weirdos or even gnostics but DO NOT call yourself after Christ because you do not follow Him, you do not know Him, in fact you are hurting Him and pissing on His Holy Name. Why not just turn His empty tomb into a shitter, you can all go there and defecate and say that you are following Christ??

I mean some of these assholes even side with Pagan total freako loosers in the nth degree no limits kine of sickos AGAINST those who are true followers of X. They commiserate with Buddhist atheists and say that they know more about God than a true Christian. I mean PC fucking pricks wanna have a label and choose Xian for the fact that they are too non-creative to be a looser pantheacon or whatever con going to fat weirdo preistess in a corset or something.

Just give up the title of Christian, you didn't earn it, you don't deserve it you will be cast aside as one He never knew and maybe worse for you are the true wolves in sheeps clothing, we are the true sheep and even now He loves you and wants to bring you back to His flock, but those who think they can use His Name in vain.....and get away with it.....well.....I'll see you in Hell from Heaven while I float on my little fluffy cloud and you are ass-raped by demons below in the pits, say hallelujah!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Women are so easy. For example, this broad on a very stupid board obviously finds herself very attractive. She posts as her avatar a picture of herself she must find comely. I think she looks a bit like a horseface. Even if I didn't, I would say she did because she obviously thinks she doesn't. So how to bug her? Bug her about her looks. Simple. You see, if she really thought she was pretty, me saying that she wasn't would never bother her. However, when I mentioned I didn't find her attractive, it was like the world had ended. She kept going on and on about it hoping that I would take the comment back so she could get back to her fantasy view about reality. In said fantasy view, she is a pretty lady with a beautiful smile and shining hair and everybody loves her just by taking one look. I think she spends too much money chasing her dream of prettiness. I mean she's not ugly, but vanity shows in her face. I hate women like that. She's not the brightest, and it seems to me this type of woman never is. She also seems to prefer the company of men. Most possibly because if she's the only woman there she's the prettiest woman there. Saddest part of the whole thing is by the time her children are grown up enough for her to actually get out of the house again she won't even see her illusion in the mirror anymore because she will be so old. So what has life given her? Or rather what has she allowed life to give her? Extreme vanity and extreme insecurity. Poor thing. In a way.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Days of Thunder

So last night I am sitting bored watching tv and on comes the Tom Cruise movie, Days of Thunder. So I'm thinking, cool a racing movie, haven't seen it even though it's old. So I start watching it.

Tom Cruise plays a dude called Cole Trickle. Made me think of Dirk Diggler, only not so big. :) Robert Duvall was in it too. Can't remember his name.

God what an horrible stinking rotten piece of crap movie. "When you're rubbin', you're racin'."

Puke! I mean, PUKE! They make a stupid subplot-thingy where Tom Cruise thinks he is being arrested but it is just good old comradarie, his friends had just tricked him with a whore!! WHOOP! Good friends, I think, here's a whore for you buddy, fuck her good, YEEHAW!!! Whole purpose of this nasty little escapade? To give them a reason for Tom Cruise to put Nicole Kidman's hand on his dick. She might just be a hooker now too right??

FUNNY!!! Or not. I turned it off and went to bed. But God help us as a nation because that was a popular movie, and I bet some people absolutely love it. LOL!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Evil Genius

The view from up here is lonely, poor Steerpikepie moans to the wind, if only I wasn't so hideous, they would see my true beauty.

Instead wandering here restlessly, wretchedly, vile Steerpikepie, ambitious Steerpikepie, the lowest of the low, cloaked with aspirations smelling of frustrated nights up late, the villain of the story walks alone.

Conformity is your name and your name is blasphemy! He screams again, no one to hear his mad cries. Your game is too easy for one such as myself, but following the rules has always been so boring! Liberty for all, not only for some, the privileged, the few, the intellectual born into a life they don't deserve and they don't appreciate! GIVE ME THE POWER for I would wield it relentlessly! I would be a true God. And the cries of your praise and your worship would be my choir of angels!

He laughs and dances on the stones, he jumps and spins, he twirls and laughs again. Victory is sweet, he thinks as he hums to himself a song his mother used to sing in his long ago.

Just thinking

Some guy today said that he is all for freedom, but understands if his personal liberty is compromised for the benefit of the personal liberty of others. I was to say at the least astounded and tried to explain to this kid that liberty is liberty, and that to put conditions on anyone's liberty is to put conditions on your own. I was of course not speaking of murder, which of course was trotted out to piss on the carpet, or rape in the street, which was trotted out as well. In those cases as I am taking liberty from someone I should therefore lose my own.

But in the case of art, well this dude was all Socratitical and claimed that there was a time and place for art and that censorship on art was in fact not only good but moral. Which of course made me ask him well what if those that came before us decided that all art to this point was immoral and destroyed it all. In his line of thinking that would be a correct thing to do, with no protest from him.

I fear for our world. This idiot was a Brit and had people agreeing with him that art can go too far.

No it can't. Book burning and censorship is wrong. Period. Don't like it don't read it. But to say that art must follow guidelines is idiotic, braindead and retarded.

Anyone who thinks otherwise, has no idea what liberty is.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Bunch of Boring Idiots....

I mean, really boring. I got tired of the stoopidity, but anyone else who is looking for a boring time (NEVERENDING) should like it here.

Sharia Courts Now In Canada


Wednesday, February 09, 2005

College Liberals

It has long been the case that the university in America has been dominated by left-leaning anti-American liberals. We all know the reasons for this, of course, the professorship is dominated by pathetic fools who are unable to earn a true living for themselves and thus find themselves forced into a career in academics where their liberal hyperbole and occasional ability to string two words together makes them feel special and as if they were accomplishing something. They find eager and accepting minds in college students coasting on Daddy's paycheck with nothing to do with their time or their unearned money but somehow feel that as the most brilliant people in the world they are able to cure all of humanity's ills with the stroke of a keyboard typing away at worthless blogs and message boards about how wonderful they are and how horrible Bush is. I mean, is this the future of America?

Fortunately this is merely a stage for most and they will pass out of it the minute they are handed their diploma and are forced to actually WORK for once in their lives. Others will remain the same, continue on in school and eventually become liberal professors themselves attempting to brainwash the next generation of American citizens.

Fortunately, however, conservatives are starting to make a comeback in our universities. Not among the faculty but among the students, freethinkers who will not allow themselves to be cowed in by the one-dimensional thinking of their instructors. It is theywho give me hope for a brighter tomorrow, for they are willing to take on the reigns currently handled by such brave men as President George W Bush and shall steer America on to even greater glory than she has now achieved. God bless the young Conservatives, and God bless America.

Yes, Virginia, there is such thing as a belt.

Oh what a wonderful day! The fine Xian conservative folk of the great state of Virginia, the birthing place of such American notables as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, has finally in its great wisdom come out with legal action against one of the most atrocious aspects of our society today: the practice of teenage boys to wear their pants so low that their underwear is exposed for all the world to see.

What kind of sick people would wear their clothes in such a way, and who in their right mind would think it is "cool"? All I can say is, PULL UP YOUR PANTS YOU LITTLE BASTARDS! Hopefully, they also crack down, (get it, crack down) on plumbers and overweight balding men. But $50 fines are hardly enough, at least for repeat offenders. They should be in jail, see what happens when they wear their pants like that in prison! That will bring an end to this menace, and I will say about damn time. We should have done this a lot sooner, but hell who would've thought this fad would go on for so long?

Monday, February 07, 2005

NEWSFLASH: Bush wants to cut taxes, Democrats want to spend

The new budget is being sent before Congress, and in accordance with his promises to the American people, Bush is planning to cut spending in order to decrease the deficit while alleviating the back-breaking strain of the working American's enormous tax-burden. Many worthless programs will be cut, such as pointless Amtrak subsidies, programs to keep drugs out of our schools and grants for towns and municipalities to hire more police officers.

I mean, sure these things SOUND great, we all want to subsidize Amtrak and get drugs out of our schools, but President Bush seeks one thing and one thing only: RESULTS. And that is the one thing lacking in these over 150 programs Bush is seeking to cut. They do absolutely positively NOTHING and need to be eliminated. But do you think they will? No. Why? One word: LIBERALS.

The liberals do not know how to cut spending. It is against their religion to cut spending. Their method of cutting spending is to create a billion dollar task force employing many white whiny liberals such as themselves with a token black lesbian woman for Affirmative Action purposes to investigate the possibilities and probabilities of spending reduction programs, which would then recommend to create a special committee in the Congress specifically designated to the problem of cutting spending which would be presided over by a Democrat. They would create a new office for this committee using $500,000 hammers and $20,000 nails while paying $340,000 an hour to their gay nephew from San Francisco to do it.

Please, liberals, stop the spending. Listen to the President, get with the program and let's actually BUDGET our money here. I know that at home you make so much money doing the nothing that you do all day that you do not need to budget, but we are talking about OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY HERE! And don't forget the poor soldiers in Iraq, who need money in order to better liberate the Iraqi people. How can we cut taxes while we are spending tens of billions of dollars prosecuting a war in Iraq, and soon to be ones in Syria and Iran without cutting spending? It is the only way, and if you aren't up for it, Democrats, it must be because you love a deficit. I NEVER want to hear you whine about the deficit ever again in your pathetic little lives, because you had the chance to end it and you wouldn't take it. SPEND SPEND SPEND is your song, and never shall it end, more's the pity.

Syria: Liberation or Bust

There are many tyrannistical governments in the world: Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia. But one stands out above the rest, at least at the current moment in time: the Baathist controlled Hesbollah supporting Syria.

As we who pay attention to the news and to the President know, Mr. Bush is very informed on the current goings on in Damascus and is not pleased. We need to work with Syria, and develop them into a proper Democratic nation-state, such as we are currently doing in Afghanistan and Iraq. Syria is a highpoint of terror and tyranny in this modern world, one which needs to be remade in our image, the image of freedom, liberty and justice for all.

There are many ways to go about this. First, the diplomatic approach with sanctions. This we are already pursuing, and under the wise guidance of Bush has a strong chance of succeeding. But we cannot rule out the military option, such as we were forced to use in Iraq. Using the massive power of our military machine, we can sweep into the country, take out the tyrannistical government posthaste and begin immediately developing the beginnings of a new nation founded upon American ideals of freedom. This is after all the point of the current War on Terror and Tyranny. By defeating terror and tyranny abroad, we are making America a safer place for our children. And after all, isn't that what freedom is all about?

Newdow, Old Game

So Michael Newdow is again trying to stir up trouble, and this time he has friends in his quest to destroy the basis of American liberty in banning God from all government life. He knows as well as all liberals do that without God, America is absolutely nothing. Jesus Christ is the foundation of all of our government and our ideals of liberty. By removing the phrase "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance, he is attempting to defile our sacred institutions and make the world safe for his anarchistical goal of Atheistic Communism a la Karl Marx/VI Lenin.

From the moment this nation was founded God has been the central aspect of American life, and it continues to be over 225 years after the fact. We have gotten this far believing in God, the Father Almighty, and in the dogma of liberty which is espoused in the Christian religion. Now, after creating in Jesus's image the freest, most powerful nation on the face of the Earth liberals such as Michael Newdow are attempting to undermine the basic principles which make this nation so great. His argumentation is asinine, and everyone knows that God has been a part of governmental life since Thomas Jefferson met the Declaration of Independence. We are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights! That is the basis of everything that this Newdow claims to cherish and yet would destroy!

He must be stopped. He will be stopped. Liberal Activist judges shall be defeated by the righteousness of Bush.

E Pluribus Unum

In God We Trust

One Nation Under God

Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Power of X

There is one thing, and one thing only which makes America the greatest nation on the faith of the Earth: the Power of Jesus X. Without X, we are nothing. As the most God-fearing nation in the history of mankind, we are the forefront of Freedom for the world. It is only when he have good, God-fearing Xian men in the White House such as George W Bush that our greatness is truly allowed to shine.

We are the richest, most educated, most powerful nation on Earth. These are the blessings that God has given us. But we are not selfish, we do not wish to horde these treasures for ourselves. Nay, we want to spread our gifts for all the world to share. And with the Power of Jesus X behind us, there is nothing that can stop us. We have already liberated Afghanistan and Iraq, now Syria is next. Once they have been freed from the tyrannical shackles of tyrants, the hearts of the people shall be open to conversion to the love of Jesus X. When you think about it, is that not what the War on Terrorism is all about? Christianizing the world so that we might usher in an age of peace and stability? A Millenium of Wonderous Splendour unparalleled by any other time in history? A new Golden Age? Of course it is. And with the Power of X, we might be able to fulfill our Destiny and make it Manifest.

God Bless America.

Friday, February 04, 2005


Why must liberals always find something to complain about? First it was smog, then it was arsenic, and now it is mercury. Mercury, something elemental to the existence of life on this planet, and liberals have decided they have a problem with it? What else will make our thermometers work? Nothing. And remember in Terminator 2? The robot was made of mercury and he was really cool, what problem could liberals have with that?

And not only are we talking about mercury, we are talking about mercury residue coming from power plants. POWER PLANTS. Think about it, folks, the liberals are trying to destroy our source of power. Of course when they aren't able to keep their food frozen in the icebox or blow dry their hair, who will they be blaming? Bush. Of course. Liberals must always blame everything on Bush.

But let's look at the situation here. Liberals say that mercury residue created by power plants is bad. Bush looks at the information the liberals give him, and says, OK, this is a problem, not as big as you would like to make it out to be but it's a problem, and we will handle it. After all NO ONE else has even attempted to solve the problem, not even the Liberal Incarnate Bill Clinton. So Bush's administration makes a plan, it's a good plan and it will reduce the residue. What do the liberals have to say about all this effort?


That is what liberals have to say. Of course Bush hasn't even completed his plans yet, but already liberals are in an uproar. Here is what I have to say to the liberals: SHUT THE HELL UP! You want to solve the mercury problem? Why don't you go to every one of these so-called "bad" power plants, use solar-powered mercury-residue sucking devices and clean the air yourselves? Huh? Do it! I dare ya! Trust me, President Bush won't complain. Neither will I.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Well looky who is judging whom!!!!

7 day suspension - Posted: Today, 02:03 AM
You are trolling. Also, you are making derogatory remarks about the community.And you call yourself a Christian?
but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence,"(1 Pet. 3:15, NASB). Are you one of those "Christians" who use the religion and the name of its Lord, to further your OWN cause? Christ said much about this you know. Regardless, you certainly are not furthering Christ's message. Your actions do quite the opposite.As a result, you have been given a 7 day suspension to cool off. Perhaps after then, you'll attempt to behave a little more maturely...or just find another community to participate in. BTW: I'm the founder, owner, and administrator of ODN. I'm not a liberal by any means. Your words reveal much my young friend. Unfortunately, what is revealed, isn't very something that is valued or strived for here.
__________________-=]Apokalupsis[=-Senior Administrator

Well looky here, I wonder who at ODN is actually upset with steerpikepie, not shadow knight, not kevin browning, not seems this power hungry person who I have never spoken to decided that I wasn't Christian enough for his liking, or he banned me for what my blog says. I was quite happy last night after being in the Pub and making friends there. This is interesting......but not surprising. I bet he thinks he is a master debater and doesn't want to debate me. :(

Censorship, the last resort of the stupid.

Freedom from Fear

President Bush delivered his State of the Union address last night, and I for one was incredibly impressed. Does anyone else find that Bush becomes a stronger and more powerful leader every time he speaks? I doubt I am the only one.

Freedom is Bush's most important goal, for Americans and for the world. But we require freedom from many things, and freedom from fear is chief among these. The liberal Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, but President Bush in his wisdom has seen past this lie. Americans have many things to fear, like Social Security crashing over our heads and crushing our hopes of retirement, or terrorists being able to perform another attack on our soil such as that on 9/11. These are fears which must be eliminated, and President Bush has the plan to do it.

You see, we cannot achieve freedom from fear for ourselves if there is still tyranny around the world. Tyrany must end, as it is ending in Iraq, and will soon end in Syria and Iran. And even those non-tyrannical governments such as the one in Saudi must begin to open up their political processes to the people, or they may fall into tyranny. If they do, the United States will be there to force freedom upon them. It is our God-given duty. We will of course free Saudi last, after freeing the rest of the Islamic world. It is our vow that we shall not stop until Dar al-Islam becomes Dar al-Democracy.

I hope that the rest of America can find the wisdom in President Bush's words. I know that no American wishes to fear, and desire freedom from it. To achieve this we must give PresidentBush the power to enforce our security, even if it seems we are giving up some of our "freedoms." For I tell you, brothers and sisters, we are not free if any Arab can walk up to us at any time of day and kill us just for being American, that is not freedom that is fear. We must ensure our security if we wish to ensure our freedoms.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Liberal censorship!!

LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! Big brave debaters at ODN. :) Scared of little old steerpikepie, can't debate him, feeling stupid???? I know delete him!!! That way no one knows you all are a bunch of pansies who couldn't debate your way out of a wet paper bag!!!!

LOOSERS!!!! I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ODN, Odious Democrats Neutered :)

Steerpikepie message board

For those debates, like empty10 wants to have. If you feel like you can take me on in debate, well, you must be on glue, but you are welcome to try here:


Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Wrestling, Homosexuality & Liberalism

Of all sports known to man, wrestling is by far the most homosexual. Shaved, half naked men telling each other to "suck it" while rolling around on the floor, their oiled naked flesh glistening under the spotlight. And who are the biggest fans of this "sport"? Teenaged boys and overweight middle-aged men. Sounds like the composition of a NAMBLA meeting to me. Why do we allow this sport to continue? Can no one see what it is doing to our children? And to our middle-aged men? It is turning them all into a bunch of bleeding faeries!

Liberals of course love wrestling, as it suits their homosexual agenda. Liberals who are not homosexuals are at least homophiles, and will do anything to further spread the disease of homosexuality. In wrestling they have what might not immediately appear to the naked eye to be pro-homosexual: after all it is portrayed as a simulated combat of sorts and there are on occasion half-naked females, but even the women look like men and are merely there for the lesbians in the audience and the simulated combat is all to further the homosexual agenda. The Spartans were the greatest military power in Greece yet they were all a bunch of bleeding faeries.

Wrestling needs to end. Homosexuality needs to end. Liberalism needs to end.

Tyrrany needs to end.

See you at NASCAR.

Caption Contest

Who will save America from Ted Kennedy?

From Atop The Stones

Steerpikepie sits alone atop the stones. His hair blows around his face in the wind, obscuring the look in his eyes. His posture is tight, perhaps angry, none can tell since he is viewed by none. All is quiet here, in this stone field high above the castle.

I'm here! he yells to the vast pile of masonry crumbling out in all directions beneath him. Mine, you are mine! he laughs into the wind, his hair now blown back from his brow, his eyes alight with ambition, his lips drawn back in a grin so wide it seemed ready to split his face in two.

He begins to dance, bowing as if to an unseen partner, spinning and moving in a manic pace through the stone courtyard lost high in the sky, forgotten by all but the forgotten.

Who first? he wonders aloud. Who first?

He jumps now to the top of the wall, five feet wide and crumbling, and looks down at the outcast, their homes built as if held to the walls by static, dust colored, inferior, necessary. Contempt dances now his eyes as he spits down over the wall.

I am meant for better things! he yells in his mind, his villianously beautiful mind, as he dives into the ivy and begins his descent into madness.