Thursday, February 03, 2005

Freedom from Fear

President Bush delivered his State of the Union address last night, and I for one was incredibly impressed. Does anyone else find that Bush becomes a stronger and more powerful leader every time he speaks? I doubt I am the only one.

Freedom is Bush's most important goal, for Americans and for the world. But we require freedom from many things, and freedom from fear is chief among these. The liberal Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, but President Bush in his wisdom has seen past this lie. Americans have many things to fear, like Social Security crashing over our heads and crushing our hopes of retirement, or terrorists being able to perform another attack on our soil such as that on 9/11. These are fears which must be eliminated, and President Bush has the plan to do it.

You see, we cannot achieve freedom from fear for ourselves if there is still tyranny around the world. Tyrany must end, as it is ending in Iraq, and will soon end in Syria and Iran. And even those non-tyrannical governments such as the one in Saudi must begin to open up their political processes to the people, or they may fall into tyranny. If they do, the United States will be there to force freedom upon them. It is our God-given duty. We will of course free Saudi last, after freeing the rest of the Islamic world. It is our vow that we shall not stop until Dar al-Islam becomes Dar al-Democracy.

I hope that the rest of America can find the wisdom in President Bush's words. I know that no American wishes to fear, and desire freedom from it. To achieve this we must give PresidentBush the power to enforce our security, even if it seems we are giving up some of our "freedoms." For I tell you, brothers and sisters, we are not free if any Arab can walk up to us at any time of day and kill us just for being American, that is not freedom that is fear. We must ensure our security if we wish to ensure our freedoms.


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