Monday, February 21, 2005

Days of Thunder

So last night I am sitting bored watching tv and on comes the Tom Cruise movie, Days of Thunder. So I'm thinking, cool a racing movie, haven't seen it even though it's old. So I start watching it.

Tom Cruise plays a dude called Cole Trickle. Made me think of Dirk Diggler, only not so big. :) Robert Duvall was in it too. Can't remember his name.

God what an horrible stinking rotten piece of crap movie. "When you're rubbin', you're racin'."

Puke! I mean, PUKE! They make a stupid subplot-thingy where Tom Cruise thinks he is being arrested but it is just good old comradarie, his friends had just tricked him with a whore!! WHOOP! Good friends, I think, here's a whore for you buddy, fuck her good, YEEHAW!!! Whole purpose of this nasty little escapade? To give them a reason for Tom Cruise to put Nicole Kidman's hand on his dick. She might just be a hooker now too right??

FUNNY!!! Or not. I turned it off and went to bed. But God help us as a nation because that was a popular movie, and I bet some people absolutely love it. LOL!!!


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