Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Evil Genius

The view from up here is lonely, poor Steerpikepie moans to the wind, if only I wasn't so hideous, they would see my true beauty.

Instead wandering here restlessly, wretchedly, vile Steerpikepie, ambitious Steerpikepie, the lowest of the low, cloaked with aspirations smelling of frustrated nights up late, the villain of the story walks alone.

Conformity is your name and your name is blasphemy! He screams again, no one to hear his mad cries. Your game is too easy for one such as myself, but following the rules has always been so boring! Liberty for all, not only for some, the privileged, the few, the intellectual born into a life they don't deserve and they don't appreciate! GIVE ME THE POWER for I would wield it relentlessly! I would be a true God. And the cries of your praise and your worship would be my choir of angels!

He laughs and dances on the stones, he jumps and spins, he twirls and laughs again. Victory is sweet, he thinks as he hums to himself a song his mother used to sing in his long ago.


Blogger pieces said...

I like it!

5:38 PM  
Blogger Steer Pike Pie said...

The Lady Pieces sat in her story thinking how it would all most likely end badly for all. Sitting in her chair, she brushed her hair one hundred, no one thousand times! to show them all how angry she was. I hate them! she screamed at her reflection, I will not drown I won't! I'll show them! I'll have a dream! I'll have a dream where I run away and never come back and I'll find a Kingdom and be it's Queen!

She studied her reflection. Yes she thought, my hair is ugly but it is not as ugly as theirs.

7:34 AM  
Blogger pieces said...


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Blogger pieces said...

more? :-)

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