Wednesday, February 09, 2005

College Liberals

It has long been the case that the university in America has been dominated by left-leaning anti-American liberals. We all know the reasons for this, of course, the professorship is dominated by pathetic fools who are unable to earn a true living for themselves and thus find themselves forced into a career in academics where their liberal hyperbole and occasional ability to string two words together makes them feel special and as if they were accomplishing something. They find eager and accepting minds in college students coasting on Daddy's paycheck with nothing to do with their time or their unearned money but somehow feel that as the most brilliant people in the world they are able to cure all of humanity's ills with the stroke of a keyboard typing away at worthless blogs and message boards about how wonderful they are and how horrible Bush is. I mean, is this the future of America?

Fortunately this is merely a stage for most and they will pass out of it the minute they are handed their diploma and are forced to actually WORK for once in their lives. Others will remain the same, continue on in school and eventually become liberal professors themselves attempting to brainwash the next generation of American citizens.

Fortunately, however, conservatives are starting to make a comeback in our universities. Not among the faculty but among the students, freethinkers who will not allow themselves to be cowed in by the one-dimensional thinking of their instructors. It is theywho give me hope for a brighter tomorrow, for they are willing to take on the reigns currently handled by such brave men as President George W Bush and shall steer America on to even greater glory than she has now achieved. God bless the young Conservatives, and God bless America.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know which university you are talking about, but of the two I've worked at (not to mention the other two I attended), politics don't even enter into classroom at all.

And where I am working right now, the profs are the tops in their fields; our patients are drawn from a 3 state area.

Some departments at some universities may fit your description, but not every department at every university -- there wasn't enough class time for the SUBJECTS, much less politics.

It really gripes me when people assume profs are idiots. 99% are NOT. Get a grip.

1:36 PM  
Blogger Steer Pike Pie said...

You are correct, not all are liberals some are merely nutbar freaks. But the liberalism is so ingrained into the very fabric of the universities that it is unsurprising that one with an untrained eye such as yourself should find it difficult to see.

1:42 PM  

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