Monday, February 07, 2005

NEWSFLASH: Bush wants to cut taxes, Democrats want to spend

The new budget is being sent before Congress, and in accordance with his promises to the American people, Bush is planning to cut spending in order to decrease the deficit while alleviating the back-breaking strain of the working American's enormous tax-burden. Many worthless programs will be cut, such as pointless Amtrak subsidies, programs to keep drugs out of our schools and grants for towns and municipalities to hire more police officers.

I mean, sure these things SOUND great, we all want to subsidize Amtrak and get drugs out of our schools, but President Bush seeks one thing and one thing only: RESULTS. And that is the one thing lacking in these over 150 programs Bush is seeking to cut. They do absolutely positively NOTHING and need to be eliminated. But do you think they will? No. Why? One word: LIBERALS.

The liberals do not know how to cut spending. It is against their religion to cut spending. Their method of cutting spending is to create a billion dollar task force employing many white whiny liberals such as themselves with a token black lesbian woman for Affirmative Action purposes to investigate the possibilities and probabilities of spending reduction programs, which would then recommend to create a special committee in the Congress specifically designated to the problem of cutting spending which would be presided over by a Democrat. They would create a new office for this committee using $500,000 hammers and $20,000 nails while paying $340,000 an hour to their gay nephew from San Francisco to do it.

Please, liberals, stop the spending. Listen to the President, get with the program and let's actually BUDGET our money here. I know that at home you make so much money doing the nothing that you do all day that you do not need to budget, but we are talking about OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY HERE! And don't forget the poor soldiers in Iraq, who need money in order to better liberate the Iraqi people. How can we cut taxes while we are spending tens of billions of dollars prosecuting a war in Iraq, and soon to be ones in Syria and Iran without cutting spending? It is the only way, and if you aren't up for it, Democrats, it must be because you love a deficit. I NEVER want to hear you whine about the deficit ever again in your pathetic little lives, because you had the chance to end it and you wouldn't take it. SPEND SPEND SPEND is your song, and never shall it end, more's the pity.


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