Monday, January 31, 2005

Undermining Islam

For the conservative readers out there, this will come as no surprise, but our liberal friends might find it a bit of a shock. You see, the current war in Iraq is part of a much larger war between Christianity and Islam. Christianity, the religion of freedom and goodness, has been threatened by the Freedom-hating evil religion of the Muhammedan Terrorists, and the West's only chance for survival is the destruction of Islam.

President Bush, in his great wisdom, has taken a two-pronged approach to reach this end. Firstly, direct combat against the terrorists, killing or imprisoning them one by one. This is a basic and practical course of action, but it will not win the war, only aid it.

Bush's second goal in this War against Islam is political. By enforcing democracy into Muslim states he undermines the authority of religion and creates a Christian created orthodoxy into the heart of their culture: democracy. Unlike Christianity, which cherishes freedom, the Moor believes in complete slavery to a co-religious and political power who makes false claims to authority from above. It is the core of their religious persuasion. By opening up their minds to the idea that they can create their own governments and their own destiny, it will weaken their dependence upon the Allah Satan and open up their hearts to Jesus Christ.

Sunday, January 30, 2005


Why are trolls so predictable? Why do they just say the same things over and over? Is it because they have nothing to say? Is it because they are so angry that they can't debate with me that they just need to vent their frustrations as stupidity?

I am serious here, I am interested in the mindset of the angry mindless troll. And yes, I probably do mean you.


78% Voter Turnout! Bwahahahahahahahahaha! Ain't democracy grand? Ain't got nothing to say to that, do you liberals? Iraq is on its way to freedom, and despite the best efforts of terrorists and the American media, nothing is going to stop them. Feel like admitting you are wrong now? Didn't think so, ya pansies. Keep up the whining, and the crying, and maybe some day the whole world will be free! Then you'd have to get a job. Do I hear the sound of a million unemployed liberals crying?

Liberal Debating Tactics 101

One thing about liberals: they are so insipidly moronic and incapable of rational thinking, that they are unable to actually debate the intellectual merits of conservative positions. Seeing as this is the case, the only, and I mean the only resort they have left is to try to attack the character of the conservatives they are debating. This despite the fact that we all know liberals are degenerate, homosexual, lying, atheistical, thieving, embezzling, drunk, stoned, whore-mongering, unpratiotic dead-heads. Where in the hell do they get the hutzpah to challenge the morality and character of conservatives? I mean really, it's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of, beside the fact that liberals exist in the first place.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

God Bless You, Mr. President

We stand on the eve of what history shall prove to be one of the foundational moments of the spread of democracy throughout the world: the Iraqi elections which shall lead to a free Iraq led by a popularly elected body with its own Constitution. Voter turnout is expected to be as high as 80%, I personally suspect that numbers will reach closer to 98%, despite the best efforts of terrorists to jeopardize their greatest chance at liberty. You see, Mr. President, and it is only you that sees this for everyone else is a whiny liberal doubter, but people love freedom and the people of Iraq have been waiting for decades for the United States to wake up and smell the roses. For we, as the only truly free nation on this Earth, owe it to our little brown brothers to give our creation, free representative government, to them. They are too foolish and infantile to determine their own destiny for themselves, it is up to us, Big Brother of the world, to come to them and force them upon the right path. It could be no other way.

This is, after all, the most compassionate thing to do. If we see our brothers locked in chains of their own devising, is it not our duty to free them from these shackles, even if to do so would be to cause them great pain in the short run? You know and I know that in the long run, the actions that America has taken will be seen as the greatest act of lovingkindness ever done on this planet, save of course for the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ on the cross. Only you, Mr. President, have had the bravery to go against leaders of all nations, peace-lovers, friends and allies, enemies, terrorists, your own countrymen, to follow the path which you know is right. Liberty and justice for all, through the barrel of a gun. This was the motto of our founding fathers, and it is your motto today. The lives of a few thousand children bombed to death by American planes mean nothing to the drumbeat of liberty marching onward in the Middle East. Mothers crying over their lost loved ones, if only they could find peace in the knowledge that George W. Bush shall set them free, they would have nothing to mourn. The lives of all our brave soldiers over there, killed by those we are saving, while we feel their sacrifice we know that they die for a better tomorrow. There are times, Mr. President, when the only way to peace is war, and there are times, as the great writer George Orwell once said, when War is Peace. This is exactly what we see in the current situation in Iraq.

You have taken a lot of heat, Mr. President, for your Mission Accomplished speech you made nearly two years ago now. But I offer no criticism for this speech, because you knew then as everyone shall realize tomorrow that although the road we have travelled has been tough, it was all over that day in May when the statue of Saddam Hussein fell amidst crowds of American soldiers keeping the Iraqi people at bay so that the moment might be properly cherished by a handful of returned ex-patriates. Iraq was ours, their country and their minds were in our hands, to mould to our will. And although there have been many detractors willing to blow themselves up for their perverted sense of freedom, you have stuck to your guns, told them to bring it on and damn the pussies who would run away from the difficulties of the task of liberation.

God bless you, Mr. President, and God bless Iraq. Tomorrow shall be the dawn of a new day for them. It is morning in Iraq, and they are all lining up to vote even as I type these words. It makes me proud to be an American.

screw the unbelievers!

pieces if you read this, you are wonderful and you don't need to be in any mob or be on any side of anything as you are you and you are not them. i like you because you are you and not them. i like you because you are you and not me. i just like you.

Nutbar Liberals

So I was at this site that was infested by liberals whose mothers are probably whores who give free sex to donkeys on Sundays. They don't seem capable of following any kind of conversation, all they want to do is troll good honest conservatives such as myself. I mean these people don't even have jobs, most of them aren't even American. They hate America so much, why don't they shut up about it? If they love Shiites so much why don't they go live in Shiitesylvania? See how they like it there. Let's all go marching around whacking ourselves in the face with machetes, that sounds like a perfectly sane thing to me.

Another thing. Why do they hate Christ so much? They bring every topic back to their hate of Christ. What did Christ ever do to them besides die on a cross for their filthy sins? Talk about gratitude, and I thought liberals were supposed to be the compassionate ones.