Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ode To My Trailer

Song of my trailer
An ode to shit
Roof is leaking

Dog is barking
I don't care
Sit around
In my underwear

Envy me, you worthless sacks of composted donkey dung. While you waste away under flourescent lighting in your little padded caves, Steerpikepie, the only REAL MAN you will ever meet, lives the American dream.

I fart when and where I choose. I never brush my hair. I shower everyday, to do otherwise would be to imitate the heathen, their Buddha fat bodies dripping sweat deep into Buddha fat creases, collecting there to mix with dust and rice crumbs until it forms itself into a paste which the heathen uses to make his bread.....my bread is the bread of Life, American bread, sliced and white the way God intended.

I live on a road you don't know exists. Waaaaaay back. I like it that way. Helps me to think. Noise confuses me, makes me edgy. I've got everything I need here in the "Compound." Singlewide, with doublewide mudroom. Quonset hut. Three sheds. Obstacle course.

I train everyday. Just in case. Lately I've been training to navigate the entire Compound while blindfolded. Because you never know. You just never know. It pays to be prepared.

So go sit in your bourgeois little life and rot there. Be a tool for the man, you worthless little maggots. Not Steerpikepie.

Never Steerpikepie.


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