Friday, December 02, 2005

Just a Few Bad Apples

On another board some asshole named marcguyver said this:

Secret,I was clearing out some 'shanties' in Somalia doing the usual 'look for bad guys and/or weapons' thing and I find this locked door. Nobody wants to open it up for us so we finally get it 'booted' in, it was even padlocked.Anyway, it's absolutely pitch black inside and I can't see a damn thing but I hear someone breathing.....really freaked me out. I finally make it to these 'shutter' type things and get one smashed open and the sunlight sprays into the room just enough for me to see a bit.

There in the middle of this dirt floor is a small child, 'bout 1-2 yrs old, naked, hardly moving, covered in flies just lying on the ground!I scoop her up and start taking her outside and I'm just losing it inside; absolutely infuriated that these #$%#@#@ have locked this child in this room to starve to death.Out of nowhere this FAT lady comes running at me, and I mean like 250-300 lb fat, and she's saying in very broken english, "Me baby! Me baby!" and she's like trying to pretend cry and keeps coming at me.I quickly passed off the kid to a buddy of mine and I flat 'butt stroked' this stupid broad.I figured if she could 'horde' all the food from her own children, and lock them up inside a shack, then she could taste the end of my rifle for a couple days too.

And to top it off, now he's a cop. I weep for America. I'd lock my probably sick baby up so this nutjob couldn't find her too.


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