Saturday, November 19, 2005

The War In Iraq

I didn't want to be political on this blog, but it seems to be en vogue so here is my view.

Why should I care if Bush wants to invade Iraq? He knows more about these things than me and he also has been CHOSEN (yes chosen put that in your pipe and smoke it) by God to lead America. Why would God chose someone who would do the wrong thing? O ye of little faith!

As for WMD, I dunno if they were there. I have heard they were convoyed out in great big huge trucks right before the invasion. So I guess now they are in Syria, and who needs a Syria with WMD? Not this world, that's for sure. But that's another topic.

I mean if you read the Joint Resolution it makes tons of sense. Al Qaeda was in Iraq and Iraq was a major sponsor of international terrorism. Bush invaded Iraq to defend America. Period, point blank.

Now all the hippies have their titties in an uproar. They like having their titties in an uproar. They like making big long pansy speeches about how Bush is evil and a liar and crap. Is Jesus evil too? Because Jesus has a right hand as well, and Bush sitteth upon it. Bush is held in the mighty right hand of Jesus, much in the way one holds a sword. What is the purpose of a Jesus sword? To cut of the heads of the infidels in mighty crusade.

A pissed off Jesus scares me, so for that reason alone I would support the war. But I also support the office of the President of the United States of America. Belittling that office should be considered treason when done so in a way which incites others to mock and scorn the leader of the best, most free country on earth. People who don't like it here for any reason should leave instead of bitching, they are free to do so. This isn't Cuba or China.

In closing, I am a Christian and an American and therefore support any war which furthers the agenda which will prompt the return of Christ.

Halleluja!! Praise the Lord!


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