Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Da Kine

Ever see that Dog the Bounty Hunter show? It's horrible. There is this dude, Dog, who for the life of me looks like a wannabe wrestler, his pedophilific brother, a couple of his kids, and his comic book wife. His wife is like, ummmm, scary. She has a breast to hip ratio that defies gravity. And her hips are fat, yo.

So they run a bond company out of Waikiki. The premis of the show is that this dude is a real bad dog, and he is chasing down people who break their bond. But on the show all they do is chase petty criminals while talking tuff and then when they catch them Dog will cry and shit and bail them back out. WEAK. Dog is a weak ass bitch. He also left his son in jail to rot and refused to bond him out.

He also was arrested in Mexico and from what I can tell, jumped his bond and ran back to the States.

So this guy is a wuss, yeah. The show sucks. They promo it as if it doesn't.

So why do I watch it? He has the strangest wife on tv. This broad is not only scary and comic book like, but she actually seems to think she is attractive. She must think that, because she dresses like a lady 5 sizes smaller than she really is.

And every now and then she freaks out. They should just let her fight. Or they should make the jump to pro wrestling. Either way, the girl isn't right.

That is my review of Dog, the Bounty Hunter. It sucks, but it is funny to watch these people think they don't suck.


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