Thursday, February 24, 2005

Jesus IS God!

I am so freaking sick of self-proclaimed "Christian" blasphemers spouting off that Jesus is NOT God. Who the Hell do they think they are? I mean, I don't care if they want to go off and have some strange sect like Mormons or JW's, but these people are like, I dunno, floater Christians who are all like Jesus was a good man, a prophet some even think he was the "literal" (sick) son of God. But they are all like, I follow what Jesus said, even though I don't believe He was God.

Well FINE but DO NOT call yourself CHRISTIAN! Call yourself hippies, or new age weirdos or even gnostics but DO NOT call yourself after Christ because you do not follow Him, you do not know Him, in fact you are hurting Him and pissing on His Holy Name. Why not just turn His empty tomb into a shitter, you can all go there and defecate and say that you are following Christ??

I mean some of these assholes even side with Pagan total freako loosers in the nth degree no limits kine of sickos AGAINST those who are true followers of X. They commiserate with Buddhist atheists and say that they know more about God than a true Christian. I mean PC fucking pricks wanna have a label and choose Xian for the fact that they are too non-creative to be a looser pantheacon or whatever con going to fat weirdo preistess in a corset or something.

Just give up the title of Christian, you didn't earn it, you don't deserve it you will be cast aside as one He never knew and maybe worse for you are the true wolves in sheeps clothing, we are the true sheep and even now He loves you and wants to bring you back to His flock, but those who think they can use His Name in vain.....and get away with it.....well.....I'll see you in Hell from Heaven while I float on my little fluffy cloud and you are ass-raped by demons below in the pits, say hallelujah!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You said "you do not know Him" about Jesus; I don't remmember any human could live 2000+ years. So when did you exactly meet him?

2:13 PM  
Blogger Steer Pike Pie said...

I met Jesus at a time in my life when I was alone and scared and needed a friend and lo and behold I heard a voice whispering my name, steerpikepie, the voice whispered and I followed the sound of the voice and it led me to a church and into the church went steerpikepie and he beheld all the pretty glass windows and the nice red carpet and it was nice in there and felt warm and then a nice man came and gave stterpikepie a nice hot cup of chocolate and told him about a dude called X and how cool X was and how he died to save steerpikepie from hell and that therefore steerpikepie could ask this dude to live inside his heart so that he would always have a friend and would never be alone. Steerpikepie loves hot chocolate and he sat and listened and began to grow afraid of hell where the hot chocolate tasted like hot fetid excrement mixed with Canadian donkey urine that has been boied in a pigs ass. In Heaven steerpikepie was told hot chocolate came served by really hot angels with no tops and you drank it on a little fluffy cloud while harps played and all the bad people had to go to hell and so you were all alone still by now this X dude lived with you in a big mansion and steerpikepie figgered that hey, it sounded the better of the two options.

Now stop being a smartass and go watch WWE.

1:57 PM  

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