Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Women are so easy. For example, this broad on a very stupid board obviously finds herself very attractive. She posts as her avatar a picture of herself she must find comely. I think she looks a bit like a horseface. Even if I didn't, I would say she did because she obviously thinks she doesn't. So how to bug her? Bug her about her looks. Simple. You see, if she really thought she was pretty, me saying that she wasn't would never bother her. However, when I mentioned I didn't find her attractive, it was like the world had ended. She kept going on and on about it hoping that I would take the comment back so she could get back to her fantasy view about reality. In said fantasy view, she is a pretty lady with a beautiful smile and shining hair and everybody loves her just by taking one look. I think she spends too much money chasing her dream of prettiness. I mean she's not ugly, but vanity shows in her face. I hate women like that. She's not the brightest, and it seems to me this type of woman never is. She also seems to prefer the company of men. Most possibly because if she's the only woman there she's the prettiest woman there. Saddest part of the whole thing is by the time her children are grown up enough for her to actually get out of the house again she won't even see her illusion in the mirror anymore because she will be so old. So what has life given her? Or rather what has she allowed life to give her? Extreme vanity and extreme insecurity. Poor thing. In a way.


Blogger HappeeLadee said...

The heart of this matter has absolutely nothing to do with all the hollow words you've written here in your hole in the ground. No, steerpikepie, it's in that you have your own fantasy of being a confident man who can be secure in who you are and who knows you are accepted wherever you go.

You happen upon someone like me who has self-confidence and doesn't feel the need to hide behind a cartoon character or any other facade for that matter. You meet me, a person who accepts myself as I am, who is human--strengths, weaknesses, successes, failures and all.

And it eats away at you, because despite the fact that I'm not perfect, I love myself and express myself genuinely with no front, no facade, no false face. And you find yourself longing to be what I already am.

You know many superficial details about my life because I openly and willingly shared them. You know what I look like, where on the Internet I hang out, what education I have had, and that I'm a stay-at-home mother. Yet you know nothing of the meaning of my life. You know nothing about what makes me tick. The assumptions that you make about my life (that I am not very bright, that I spend a lot of money on looking good--as I spend most days in sweats and sweatshirts--, etc...) could not be further from the mark. And the inferences that you make about the meaning of my life (that I am vain, insecure, shallow, and disillusioned) are only what you wish I was so that you could look at yourself in the mirror each day without feeling inferior to people like me.

The irony here is that you know many details about my life, yet you can't discern who I am and I know so few details about your life and you are quite easy to peg. You have shared so little about the details of your life. You hide behind some obscure name in an obscure location with an obscure life. You evade getting personal and then draw your empty conclusions about people based on impersonal interactions.

It is easy to see what makes you tick, steerpikepie. The reason I have played your game with you is because I accept the fact that all people have flaws, including you and including me. I was willing to accept you despite your flaws, just as I accept myself despite my own. So was the "stupid board" you are referring to.

Look in the mirror, wrap your arms around yourself, give yourself a biiiiig hug, and repeat these words, "I love me unconditionally. My life has meaning." Maybe if you say it enough times, you'll begin to believe it and you will stop hiding from yourself and everyone else and be the meaningful person I know you have dwelling within you. Until you can do that, all the words you say wherever you go are nothing more than feeble attempts to fill the void within you.

God Bless You, steerpikepie.

7:17 AM  
Blogger Steer Pike Pie said...

Hahahahahaha! If you fo it right, they will even follow you home. ;)

Sorry honey, not my type. LOL!

8:32 AM  
Blogger HappeeLadee said...

Oh noooo, steerpikepie, you are correct. A confident woman certainly wouldn't be your type, I have no doubt about that, because she frightens you. And I assure you she would not consider you her type either because you wouldn't be capable of meeting her expectations in your current state of mind.

The attention you are now thriving on is the fact that you got a response from me, since you bad-mouthed me here practically begging me to respond, yet you ignored every word that I wrote. I guess you feel negative attention is better than no attention at all. It is a common reaction that children who are starved for attention resort to so that they can feel loved. If it is what helps you sleep at night...in your lonely meaningless bed...

9:11 AM  
Blogger Steer Pike Pie said...

You, confident?? The same broad who got so upset over a shoutbox remark that she carried it over to all the threads I was posting on?? Give your head a shake.

You sure don't frighten me sweetcheeks, I could have ammended my style and had you in bed five minutes after meeting you.

You are easy, sugar. Nice to know you followed me here to my lonely meaningless board, hoping to what????? Ummmm......you wouln't have seen what I wrote if you didn't read this crappy board now would you?

You should be ashamed, you are a married woman with kids chasing around steerpikepie who finds you ugly.

It's kinda creepy, I think you should go to your Husband and tell him that you need more attention. You could even get a make-over first.

10:53 AM  
Blogger HappeeLadee said...

You exaggerate for your own benefit steamycowpie. I was not "so upset." It was a joke. I carried it to over ONE thread...not any more than one. That is because that thread was a JOKE, too. There was nothing serious going on in that thread.

As for your delusion that you could have had me in bed in five minutes...I will only say...again...if that is what helps you sleep at night in your cold lonely bed. You go fishing for girlfriends on Internet forums...that is pretty sad. No one could get me in bed in five minutes, because, contrary to your belief I'm not a friggin' idiot.

As for "following you" here, I was led. I received an e-mail from someone who checked out your board and saw that you badmouthed me on it. They let me know. I am known to participate (like all people are) in meaningless entertainment that has no value. Congratulations...you provided me with 15 minutes of mind-numbing entertainment today. Whoopee...

As for me being taken, my fiance pays me plenty of attention. So much that when he was reading your stupid comments with me he mentioned that if he knew you, he'd kick your ass for being so disrespectful to a woman, especially his. (He's 6'4, 230 and scares people.)

Oh please oh please go make me one of your pseudomembers on your lonely, lonely discussion forum now! You could name me UglyLady or StupidLady and have many, many interesting conversations with her! I know I certainly don't deserve any more of YOUR attention now! You've paid me so much attention already.

11:23 AM  
Blogger Steer Pike Pie said...

I am sure your boyfriend scares people, he must be rather ugly to have settled for you. Seems to have a problem with agression as well, mnaybe you better give him some of that putang so he doesn't kill someone with all those hormones rushing around in his cro-magnon steroid infested fat-ass gut swinging body. Tell him I think he must be a half-fag to marry someone as horse-faced as you.

As for the honor of being on my message board, you will have to register yourself, as you are rather boring and would be no fun for someone else to make fun of, although I will not stop anyone from doing so, I rather doubt anyone would either care to be you, or to read what is written by someone pretending to be you. You just don't matter enough.

As for the email lie, you go on with your bad self. You know you check here everyday, hoping that I will write something about you.

As for women in my life, the Lady Pieces makes you look like a wrung out dish rag and my girlfriend laughed her ass off at your picture. :)

11:39 AM  
Blogger Steer Pike Pie said...


HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Well that explains it!! You are such a slut that you have kids out of wedlock and all you can get now is a big fat idiot who hasn't even married your ass yet!!


11:41 AM  
Blogger HappeeLadee said...

I hope you are enjoying typing with one hand since your fetish seems to be getting off on whatever this is that you do.

I will no longer be your source of pleasure as your 15 minutes in my world has passed and I must move on now, so your cyber piece girlfriend will have to do it for you alone from now on.

Be careful, she might only be 12 and tell her little friends about her cyber guy in math class every day. Mommy and Daddy might find out and then you'll be in real big trouble...unless you're only 12, too, which I am beginning to think is highly possible. You never know who you're really meeting on the Internet.

Bye steamycowpie. Thank you for amusing me and dedicating this whole part of your blog to ME. Funny...I don't see anything just for your cybergirlfriend here at your blog. How sad that you don't treat her better and make her feel as special as you've tried to make me feel. Be careful, she might get jealous of how much attention you have paid to me.

12:32 PM  
Blogger Steer Pike Pie said...

Wow, someone sure got her tits in an uproar didn't she?

Don't let the door hit you in your ass, if it can fit through the door that is. :) Hehehe.

Nice playing with you, thanks for being perfectly predictable. My thesis just keeps getting better and better :)

12:45 PM  
Blogger Steer Pike Pie said...

And because I know you are reading this still no matter what you claim, Lady Pieces has her own story here, brilliantly written and lovingly done. She also has a private board on the message board, that no one can access but she and I. :)

I am 22, almost 23. :) I am handsome and kind and a very nice boyfrind to my real life girlfriend. (who finds this funy as hell, hi honey) You would fawn over me in RL. And honey, if I wanted you for whatever reason, though it is not likely, you would give yourself to me before you realised what you had done. Dream about me horseface, the next time you screw fat ass :)

12:51 PM  

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