Friday, February 25, 2005

Why Amazons could never have existed.

One of the myths that feminazis like to go on about is the Amazons. Supposed one breasted women who rode around on horses killing all them men and having lesbian one breast sex.

Riiiiight. A bunch of women living together and getting along? NEVER!! The levels of gossip and jealousy are highest among women. Women only exist to be better dressed than other women so as to get attention from men so as to propagate the race. They serve no other useful function so over time men have let them do certain tasks around the house in order to make them think they are needed and we wouldn't be able to nuke a tv dinner without them. They like to feel powerful women do, and don't care why really. It's not power they want, it's the illusion that they make a difference in this world.

So the Amazon thing is like a Godsend to them. PRAISE ARTEMIS!!! Let's all dance around a wooden pole and worship it!! Yeah, a great big wooden pole, straight and tall and oh so hard and nice to kiss and warm with our breath! SICK! Even if they did exist they worshipped a PENIS!!!


But seriously on to the scieintific reasons Amazons can not have existed. Women do this thing when they are in groups. They shift around in their cycles until they are all menstrating at the same time. Which means pmsing at the same time. With no men around to run and get them chocolate or to tell them they don't look fat, a race of warrior women would have killed itself off by the end of the first month of the experiment.

I mean, like none of these broads liked the bone? They had no sex drives? I don't know about you guys, but if I don't give it to the old lady at least once a day, she gets all climbing the walls and stuff. She likes the bone alright, she neesds a man to satisfy her BIOLOGICAL need to a nice hard penis to be inserted into her vagina once she becomes horny.

She won't stop till she gets it either, and oh she gets it!

So let's see if any big balls women think they can tell me how in the world a bunch of women could live with no men, since none of you seem to be able to live without us now, even when you aren't on your rags. Much less take the smallest of us in a fight!! LOL!

This argument is also why there will NEVER be a broad in the Oval Office.


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