Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Why Shoelimpy Sucks

Shoelimpy is a worthless humour parasite who has no fucking balls and likes to act like a fucking tool.

AGGIES suck!

Shoelimpy steals my material and is STILL so fucking lame that it is unreal.

For a dude with a Dad in the military he is the biggest wuss EVER.

He is a great big fatass. And lazy to boot!

He has an odour of sweaty balls.

He reads porn mags in bed while eating candy and hides them in a little squirrel hole beside his bed. His gf found it and told me. It was a Hustler. Ewwwww!!! Even I get grossed out by Hustler.

He has no backbone and never will.

He is shoelimpy.


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