Wednesday, December 28, 2005

At Least It's Over

I don't remember much about Christmas. Hope you had a good one, I'm sure I did.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas In Hell

Steerpikepie stands alone in the cold, his hands clenched at his sides, his face drawn and pale. The wind pulls and twists at his hair, lifting and falling from his brow to reveal his eyes, hollow, sunken, lost.

ANNIE!!! He screams to the wind, his words ripped from his mouth and tossed cruelly over his shoulder, lost behind him, lost in the past.

Annie, he whipsers, Annie.......

He begins to walk, his feet pass over frozen stone in a shuffle, his eyes peer out from beneath his hair now and again as the wind allows. Shoulders hunched against the cold, all ambition gone from him, he walks brokenly, surrounded by stone, his heart as stone, cold and frozen as the very stone.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Liberal Defeatists

Liberals lately have been pissing me off. Everywhere I go I hear whining and bitching from pansy ass morons who hate Bush so they've decided to hate America too.

War isn't something that is entered into lightly. Do you think Bush just decided to send Americans into harms way for the fun of it? You people are so fucking stupid. You have no idea the pressure and responsiblity in making such a decision. Bush isn't God, he isn't supreme dictator, he's the President and he is doing his job, protecting America.

War is hard, war is ugly and no one likes it. Except it seems these fucking assholes online like Atrios who are actually profitting from the war with their sick ass little blog sites covered in advertising and words like fuck and bullshit.

Ohhhh, Atrios, you are so fucking cool, man. I spent some time today reading your blog. Your posters are great examples of liberal defeatists. And of liberal no brain idiots who don't know what the fuck the real world is like.

Atrios's blog is a shining example of commercial politics. He doesn't give a fuck really, he just lets all the people who think it's cool to Bash bush post on his site and he rakes in cash from ads.

He's rated 8 on Google Page Rank. That means he makes money. He's rated higher than Associated Content. What a great scam.

Too bad I have ethics, not like the fucking liberal hypocrites.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Shoelimpy Won't Let Me Talk to Annie

But she fucking rocks. Liberals can't debate her so they troll and flame her. It's pathetic and yet hilarious. I get ROCK HARD when I think of my little Annie, all alone and driving the angry hordes of liberal limpwrists insane. Look at what some asshole said on Atrios, where she took control of the board in about 60 seconds, and left them all with nothing but ad homs and character slurs as a defense:
Some Clueless Asshole Wrote:

Some of you have been wondering whether AnnieAngel and friends are "parody" trolls. If by parody troll you mean that she doesn't actually believe what she is saying then, yes she doesn't believe a word of what she is saying. In fact, I don't think that she's even a she. More likely "she's" a seventeen-year-old boy with time to kill on a Saturday afternoon.

But she's not really a parody troll because you aren't supposed to be in on the joke. The joke is in getting responses. She is a classic troll. Post something over the top and watch people respond.


I can say all of this with supreme confidence because as someone used to read Pandagon's comments, I remember this guy* who is part of the little ring of blogs that includes annieangel and shoelimpy. These are probably all from the same kid or from a group of friends (apparently from Tampa Bay) who like to troll blogs.

*A steerpikepie classic:

One thing about liberals: they are so insipidly moronic and incapable of rational thinking, that they are unable to actually debate the intellectual merits of conservative positions. Seeing as this is the case, the only, and I mean the only resort they have left is to try to attack the character of the conservatives they are debating. This despite the fact that we all know liberals are degenerate, homosexual, lying, atheistical, thieving, embezzling, drunk, stoned, whore-mongering, unpratiotic dead-heads. Where in the hell do they get the hutzpah to challenge the morality and character of conservatives? I mean really, it's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of, beside the fact that liberals exist in the first place.
Carpbasman Email 12.17.05 - 7:42 pm #
Steerpikepie is THE Man

Annie, I love ya. Screw those who would call you a troll, they don't know you like I know you, baby. They don't know you at all. You scare them. You're too real, so real they can almost smell you, they want to touch you and they can't. You drive them nuts, all of them. They can't handle you, you're too much for them, they explode. Only I can handle you. Are you reading this? Do you pay attention? Do you ever think of me, even a little bit? Do you remember what it was like, the good times? I know you remember. Close your eyes, Annie, I'm there.

God Bless the Republic of Texas

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Big Tuff Guys with Big Tuff Mouths

The most disturbing of all types of men is the type who enjoys treating ladies like garbage.

I'm not talking about skanks, whores and your mama, but true, sweet, kind ladies. Ladies like Trouble, SweetPieces, and most of all Annie. Annie would defend anyone in a moment if she thought they were being unfairly treated. But big fat sexist assholes with an internet connection who would NEVER DARE SPEAK TO SUCH A WOMAN IN REAL LIFE take out their latent homosexual tendencies by calling her a CUNT!


Where's Macgayver and his rifle butt when he's really needed?

Anarchists should be the the ones rounded up and branded, the fucking anti-social no-life braindead brick-throwing sheep whose mother's fuck donkeys on Sunday.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Just a Few Bad Apples

On another board some asshole named marcguyver said this:

Secret,I was clearing out some 'shanties' in Somalia doing the usual 'look for bad guys and/or weapons' thing and I find this locked door. Nobody wants to open it up for us so we finally get it 'booted' in, it was even padlocked.Anyway, it's absolutely pitch black inside and I can't see a damn thing but I hear someone breathing.....really freaked me out. I finally make it to these 'shutter' type things and get one smashed open and the sunlight sprays into the room just enough for me to see a bit.

There in the middle of this dirt floor is a small child, 'bout 1-2 yrs old, naked, hardly moving, covered in flies just lying on the ground!I scoop her up and start taking her outside and I'm just losing it inside; absolutely infuriated that these #$%#@#@ have locked this child in this room to starve to death.Out of nowhere this FAT lady comes running at me, and I mean like 250-300 lb fat, and she's saying in very broken english, "Me baby! Me baby!" and she's like trying to pretend cry and keeps coming at me.I quickly passed off the kid to a buddy of mine and I flat 'butt stroked' this stupid broad.I figured if she could 'horde' all the food from her own children, and lock them up inside a shack, then she could taste the end of my rifle for a couple days too.

And to top it off, now he's a cop. I weep for America. I'd lock my probably sick baby up so this nutjob couldn't find her too.